We are a recognized leader of technology expertise, and outsourced, 24/7 computer and network monitoring and support services in the North Central Iowa area. Small to mid-size businesses rely on us every day to solve their toughest IT problems and help them use technology to become more efficient and profitable. Allied ENS, L.L.C. offers an array of unique and cutting edge solutions, as well as consulting in all aspects of IT services. Allied ENS, L.L.C. works to balance functionality of technology, timing of delivery, and cost of implementation, in our goal of “Creating the Right Technology Solution For You”.

Allied ENS, L.L.C. provides services for any customer, business-to-business, or residential. Because technology needs of commercial clients often differ from residential customers, we tailor the solutions and services accordingly. We strive to provide Honest, Expert, Top Quality solutions to all of our valuable clients.

Allied ENS, L.L.C. will provide the support needed to resolve your technology issues.

  • Monitoring: This is the most proactive type of support, and is always associated with an active Managed Services Agreement (MSA). When monitoring a device, Allied ENS, L.L.C. receives notification of various events that indicate the health of a device being monitored. Remote Connectivity is frequently used to resolve issues detected during monitoring.
  • Remote Connection: Technology tools are used to remotely troubleshoot, and if possible, resolve a technical issue on a network device without the need of an onsite trip. Included in the list of devices that Remote Connection is often used are: Servers; PCs; Firewalls; Network Switches; Wireless Access Points.
  • Onsite: When needed and/or preferred by the end user, Allied ENS, L.L.C. will travel onsite for troubleshooting, testing, and repair.
  • Removal from Onsite for Remote Repair: Occasionally, when coming onsite, the repair of a device requires frequent interaction and monitoring during long timeframe, we will temporarily remove the device from the client location, and bring it into one of our offices to complete the repair. Once repaired, the device will be returned onsite ASAP.

Allied ENS never slows down work activities, and completes all work ASAP. However, as in all businesses, we do need to prioritize the work load on an ongoing basis. The needs of our clients change often, and we do what we can to balance all needs. Most of our clients assist with prioritization, by communicating impacts, urgency, and needs, and helping us set deadlines that work well for them. In general, there is a prioritization process that we use:

  1. Top Priority: Clients with active Managed Services Agreements (MSA): By contract, we are bound to provide support defined in our MSAs, and clients with active MSAs receive the first priority for all contract items, and preferred treatment for other technology needs.
  2. High Business Impact Failures: Commercial clients who have technology failures that slow down or stop productivity of more than one user get addressed before all non MSA needs.
  3. Time Critical Failures: Whether a commercial client, or home user, there are times where a failure is impacting an event that is sensitive to the passage of time. A commercial example is payroll or invoicing. A residential example is an upcoming family event (Wedding, Birth, Graduation, etc.).

MSA is a Managed Services Agreement. This is an outsourcing agreement, or a contract between Allied ENS, L.L.C. and an end user, for Allied ENS to provide a specific set of Monitoring, Maintenance, and Support on a specific defined list of one or more network devices. Network devices covered under an MSA are typically the most critical devices on a network needed to continue smooth business operations in a Commercial client. Those devices are monitored to provide proactive identification and repair of issues BEFORE a failure leads to either critical loss of data, or costly interruption in the flow of regular business activities. The MSA dictates priority and timing of repairs for Allied ENS, L.L.C., and often includes other benefits, such as: Lower Hourly Service Rate; Reduced Rate or Free Consultation Services; Increased Productivity; Removal of Break Fix situation for some devices; Scheduled Preventative Maintenance; etc.. Also, as an MSA customer of Allied ENS, L.L.C., we become your internal IT team

The best way to get Allied ENS, L.L.C. involved in a project or repair effort is to open a trouble ticket. You can do so by sending an email with contact information and a short description of the need to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will be an automated reply from the company letting you know we received your message, and committing to 24 hour reply. We will call you back ASAP to get started on resolution of your issue. If you have difficulty sending the email, or if you are having an issue preventing you from using email, then you can call either Boris Kiss @ 641-430-1584, or Jim Wachholz @ 515-320-3739, and we will open a ticket later.

Yes. Each billable item should have a unique service request. To initiate a new project with Allied ENS, L.L.C., you can submit a single request. As we define the project, we will split it into multiple requests later.

No. You can use our services per incident whenever the need arises.

Allied ENS, L.L.C. has an office in Britt, IA, and you are always welcome to bring a problem to us to fix. However, we are often fully deployed onsite, and so we recommend that you make arrangements in advance, to ensure that someone is in the office to meet with you.

When we need to come to you, Allied ENS, L.L.C. utilizes technology to provide support in the most convenient and most efficient ways possible. During the beginning of developing a business relationship with Allied ENS, L.L.C., we would prefer to travel onsite, to make acquaintances and give you a chance to meet us, and to ask us any relevant, open-ended business questions. Where practical, we will complete repairs onsite. In cases where hourly charges will exceed the price to complete a repair at a flat fee, we will remove it from the client premise, take it to one of our offices to complete the repair, and return it when complete.

For customers who maintain certain MSAs, we are able to initiate a remote connection to certain devices included in the Managed Services Agreement. With the permission of the end user, we are able to connect remotely to complete the repair without coming onsite.

Occasionally, “on request”, we will utilize tools to remote connect to a workstation or server to troubleshoot an issue. This may be used for non MSA clients who we know and have serviced in the past, and who have already developed trust and confidence in Allied ENS, L.L.C..

Our primary area of service coverage is in Iowa; between the towns of Emmetsberg and Mason City from the West to East, and anywhere from Humboldt and North. We also service commercial clients who have remote offices outside those boundaries, and also have remote users all over the United States. Where needed, we will utilize technology to support clients who are located further away.

Our primary area of service coverage is in Iowa; between the towns of Emmetsberg and Mason City from the West to East, and anywhere from Humboldt and North. We also service commercial clients who have remote offices outside those boundaries, and also have remote users all over the United States. Where needed, we will utilize technology to support clients who are located further away.

Our primary focus is service and support instead of retail. But when needed, we do sell hardware, software, and provide excellent purchasing assistance as a stand-alone service or as part of our service plans. Allied ENS, L.L.C. is available to work with and make arrangements with the hardware and software vendors to perform any hardware repairs covered under warranty, or software installations and upgrades needed, so you can avoid contacting the manufacturer and spending time dealing with the warranty issues yourself.

Since we don't have ties to any specific hardware and software vendor, you'll get objective purchasing recommendations from us. We do have alliances with some vendors and should you purchase hardware or software from these vendors directly, you may be eligible for discounts.

We accept the following forms of payments: cash, check, Apple Pay, Android Pay, VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER (traditional magnetic stripe cards, contactless and chip cards).