Business Solutions

Staff and corporate productivity are impacted when your systems are not functioning properly.
Amount and predictability of ongoing cost, security, data loss and compliance uncertainties are just few of the challenges businesses face every day.
Fully outsourced solutions designed to fulfill an organizations entire IT requirements.
Simple, cost effective solutions that meet your specific requirements.
Select the right mix of services for your business.
Management plan designed to support key IT systems.
Delivers value through operational reliability and preventing issues.
Customize a unique solution tailored to your needs.
Significantly improve overall system reliability and performance.
Minimize risk or intrusion, data theft and lost productivity.
Highest level of response to issues.
IT spending focused on issue avoidance and service optimization rather than 'fighting fires'.
Predictable network and system management costs.
Our team of field engineers and NOC support group are available to assist with all your day to day IT support or project requirements.

Information is one of your biggest business assets. You need an information technology partner who understands that. You need someone who believes information technology systems are more than just a bundle of wires and blinking lights: they’re the heart and soul of your business. That doesn’t mean they can’t be a hassle, though. It can be daunting and frustrating to worry about whether your systems are secure, efficient, and effective when you’re busy attending to all the other needs of your small or mid-sized organization.

In this world of ever-changing information technology, your company needs an advocate...

When you unite with Allied ENS, you have a friend who is a technology expert. At Allied ENS, we are vested in your success.

With over 20 years technology experience, Allied ENS delivers the convenience of local support. We at Allied ENS strive to continuously create and deploy cutting edge, high quality technology solutions and services that will increase the efficiency and profitability of our clients.

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Detailed analysis of your current environment, reporting on issues and actionable items.


Initial maintenance activities, project and remediation required to stabilize your technology.


Ongoing delivery of monitoring & maintenance designed to keep your business optimized.

Protect & Optimize

Application of industry best practices for security & backup management, Enterprise class technology and staff to keep your infrastructure optimized. Critical issues are identified, reported and resolved in real time.